What skincare effect does 2% nicotinamide have?

Nicotinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3, which is widely used in skincare products. Nicotinamide is mainly used for whitening and brightening skin, preventing skin from yellowing due to glycosylation, and also plays a certain role in accelerating cuticle metabolism and anti-aging.

Nicotinamide has a small molecular weight, can be directly absorbed by the epidermis, stimulate part of the degradation activity, promote collagen synthesis, prevent melanin excessive precipitation, and achieve a whitening effect.

When the content of nicotinamide in skin care products reaches 2%, it can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in the sebum secreted by the skin, thus controlling the secretion of oil, reducing the secretion of oil, and narrowing the pores. The sebum channels in the skin also slowly shrink, narrowing the pores.

Nicotinamide promotes collagen production, which increases skin elasticity and slows skin aging. It also increases NADHP, which enhances anti-glycosylation, reduces glycosylation, and keeps skin young.

Nicotinamide also has some disadvantages, such as intolerance. Nicotinamide is stable in a solution with a PH of 6, but when the pH is greater than or less than 6, it hydrolyzes and forms niacin, which may cause skin allergies in some people.

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