What are the consequences of 25-hydroxy calcifediol deficiency?

In our bodies, there is something called 25-Hydroxy calcifediol, which is a form of vitamin D3. The 7-dehydrocholesterol in our skin is converted to vitamin D3 when exposed to ultraviolet light in the sun, to 25-hydroxy calcifediol in the liver, and then to 1, 25-dihydroxy vitamin D3, the active form of vitamin D3, via the kidneys, It is also the form in which vitamin D3 is stored in the bloodstream.

25-Hydroxy calcifediol plays an important role in our health, growth and development, and is involved in a variety of diseases. The deficiency of 25-hydroxy calcifediol affects the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the normal development of bones and teeth, and, in severe cases, rickets in children and adults.

To maintain the 25-hydroxy calcifediol intake, adequate vitamin D can be taken daily, as well as through sun exposure and diet, and if severe deficiency is present, you need medical attention and prompt treatment.

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