What is 25-hydroxy calcifediol?

What is 25-hydroxy calcifediol? How did it come about? What are the applications? There are many questions about 25-hydroxy calcifediol, so let’s talk about 25-hydroxy calcifediol.

The 25-hydroxy calcifediol is the main circulating metabolite of vitamin D3, that is, vitamin D3 can be converted to 25-hydroxy calcifediol, but it’s biological titer is 3-5 times higher than vitamin D3, and this substance does not need to be metabolized by the liver. And is highly bioactive,

Not only can 25-hydroxy calcifediol be used in medicine, health care products, and feed, but it can also be applied in the field of feed. Then, what are the benefits of adding an appropriate amount of 25-hydroxy calcifediol to feed?

25-hydroxy calcifediol can play some positive roles in feed, such as improving feed conversion efficiency, promoting bone growth of livestock and poultry, reducing chick mortality and eggshell breakage rate, improving eggshell quality and meat quality, reducing morbidity, and improving the performance of breeding pigs.

25-hydroxy calcifediol, when used in livestock and poultry breeding, can improve the quality of livestock and poultry and reduce the disease rate of livestock and poultry, so it is widely used in livestock and poultry feed products.

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