What does the common 3, 5-dihydroxypentyl benzene look like?

3, 5-dihydroxypentyl benzene, often referred to as 5-pentyl m-catecol or 1, 3-dihydroxy5-pentyl benzene, is a white powder with molecular formula C11H16O2, molecular weight 180.24, CAS No. 500-66-3, EINECS No. 207-908-8. At room temperature and pressure, the boiling point of 3, 5-dihydroxypentyl benzene is 164℃, the melting point is 46℃~48℃, and the density is 1.068±0.06 g/cc.

Because 3, 5-dihydroxypentylene has a variety of biological activities, it is mainly used as an important pharmaceutical intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry, it can act on a variety of pathogens of fungi and bacteria, and destroy them. According to research, in the environment of copper chloride and oxygen, high concentration of 3, 5-dihydroxypentylene can break DNA, can inhibit and treat human immunodeficiency virus and cancer diseases caused by retrovirus, in addition, 3, 5-dihydroxypentylene can also play a sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, promote digestion.

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