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Q1:  What is Synthetic Biology?

A1:  Synthetic biology is a combination of Systematic biology and Engineering. It implements new technologies like gene synthesis, editing and control to “write” life entities with new functions or to transform existing life entities to acquire new functions. Synthetic biology helps us understand the essence of life in a further way so that it is considered as “The third revolution of Bioscience”

Q2:  Why Viablife choose Synthetic Biology technology?

A2:  The R&D team of Viablife has been focusing on frontier research in Synthetic biology field for over 20 years and Viablife is the main carrier of commercialization of our technology. Synthetic biology is now capable of full industrialization of targeted products. Compared with traditional manufacturing which is regarded as competitive in terms of large production scale, Synthetic biology manufacturing can achieve the similar scale production meanwhile has the unique agility to alternatively produce several products in the same production line.

Q3:  Why is Viablife capable of providing multiple products?

A3:  Viablife has built a platform with independent Intellectual Property rights called Viablife Biolego®. Tens of products have been developed and delivered to our clients through this platform. At the same time, we also build Viablife Biolego Factory® which is a intellectual manufacturing center. On the basis of Bionics principles, we divide complex manufacturing process into several processing modules. Similar to a Multi-processing CPU, each processing module can work simultaneously to form a powerful manufacturing capacity. On Viablife Biolego Factory®, we select a serious of products which are our featured products, these products can be produced by all the processing modules or part of the whole processing modules. On top of that, we employ AI data analysis to help develop and distribute tasks for all processing modules to ensure the consistent and stable supply of products.





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