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Create Highly Efficient Viablife Biolego® for Biosynthesis

Synthetic biologists, natural product chemists, data scientists and metabolic engineers work together at Viablife to develop new biomanufacturing technologies. With our self-propelling and innovative biosynthetic platform, Viablife has developed a series of industrially important products and produced them in a green and sustainable manner.  

Viablife is specialized in advanced biosynthetic technology. Unlike traditional chemical synthesis, biosynthesis utilizes various enzymatic tools and microbial cell factories to create “green” chemicals. Novel biosynthetic machinery can be assembled using Bio-Legos in desired microbial hosts to produce target products.

Biosynthesis is the generation of natural products through enzymatic reactions by a number of enzymes are generally required to achieve a single biologically active compound. Biosynthesis can be exploited for chemical synthesis in vitro or in cells like E.coli by combining substrates with enzymes using recombinant methods.

Viablife Biolego ®Platform

A self-optimizing and evolving platform

Viablife Biolego ® Platform

Value-Based R&D

Viablife R&D is propelled by AI: software and hardware are effectively combined for data analysis, machine learning, product design, modularization, process optimization, decision making, high throughput screening and self-evolution.


  • Customized laboratory information management system.
  • Online sequence computing and design, protein deconstruction, molecular deconstruction, etc.
  • Combination of model simulation and experimental validation.


  • Performs automatic sequencing, sampling, analysis and other routine work to achieve high-throughput analysis.
  • Reduces time spent in repetitive work, improving efficiency and minimizing the impact of human errors.
  • Provides copious amounts of data for our AI management system.

Viablife Biolego ® Platform

Rapid Biomanufacturing

Design of modular production processes enables rapid biomanufacturing of products and allows easy and flexible switch between different production lines.


Multi-node real-time data acquisition, remote sensing and control, AI-driven management and warning systems, unmanned "black light" workshop are used to optimize our R&D and production processes.


To mitigate the potential of any environmental impacts, our environmentally friendly purification system is used to minimize the usage of organic solvent and other waste outputs.


The modular concept of synthetic biology is integrated into mass production to transform the process of seed production, fermentation, purification, refining and packaging into a flexible production module, which allows many products can be produced simultaneously.

Viablife Biolego ® Platform

Value Creation

Create commercial application values for the products based on the customer’s need.

Product & Market

Through intelligent “cell factories” and the modular bioproduction process, Viablife produces a variety of high value products for our customers.

Biopharma & Health



Biobased Materials

Natural Pigments & Dye

Styrene derivatives

Integrated Circuit
Food & Drink
Health Product
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