How is the absorption effect of caffeic acid taken orally?

Caffeic acid is a phenolic acid compound in artemisia annua, artichoke, honeysuckle and other plants. It mainly plays an important role in the medical field, for example, it can protect the cardiovascular system, resist cancer, resist bacteria and viruses, regulate immunity, etc. Therefore, caffeic acid is also a common compound in the medical industry.

Our current clinical application of caffeic acid is mainly in hemostasis. In addition, caffeic acid can also play a role in leukopenia and thrombocytopenia caused by tumor chemotherapy and other factors, as well as diseases such as primary thrombocytopenia and aplastic leukopenia.

Caffeic acid is absorbed quickly by oral administration, usually reaching a peak of more than half within 30 minutes of taking it. It is absorbed mainly by our small intestine and is densely distributed in our blood and kidneys. Small amounts of caffeic acid can cross the blood-brain barrier and placental barrier.

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