What are the biological activities of caffeic acid?

Caffeic acid exists in a variety of foods, medicines, it is also widely part in plant secondary metabolites, inside the plant is mainly formed by phenylalanine after deamination, cinnamic acid, then, is obtained by derivative caffeic acid active point is mainly on the adjacent two phenolic hydroxyl on the benzene ring, if the substituent on the benzene ring will refill the electron-withdrawing ability is strong, so, Caffeic acid is also more biologically active.

Caffeic acid, as a safe and effective compound, has anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, anti-oxidation, antiviral, antibacterial and other biological activities, and has played an important role in the medical field in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver fibrosis and other diseases. With the research of caffeic acid for many years, the biological activity of caffeic acid has been widely concerned, and its application is more and more.

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