Which commonly used skin care products can add cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide is a drug component with high safety. In clinical application, it is mainly used as a basic vitamin supplement in dermatology for the treatment of photosensitive dermatitis and acne, etc. Besides being widely used in medicine, it is also commonly used in various skin care products.

Nicotinamide used in skin care products is mainly cosmetic grade nicotinamide, which mainly plays a role in skin care products such as fading spots, whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging and so on. Products using cosmetic grade nicotinamide include creams, cleansers, emulsions, body creams, essence, etc. Generally, the amount of nicotinamide added in skin care products is 2% to 5%. Cosmetics level too low content of nicotinamide won’t be able to play a role, but too much cosmetics level will increase the burden of skin and nicotinamide appear the symptom such as allergies, after years of experiments, the use amount of 2% ~ 5% relatively appropriate, use cosmetics nicotinamide has not only high safety level, and the price is relatively cheap, easy to get, also a mature production technology, therefore, It is very cost-effective to use.

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