What are the advantages of niacinamide in skincare products?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a widely used skincare ingredient with multiple benefits, not only the whitening benefits that most people know, but also anti-aging, pore shrinking, moisturizing, yellow, and more. As a kind of multi-functional low-cost skincare ingredient, used in different functional products can play its role, cost-effective is very good, currently, on the market Vaseline, Dabao, Olay, L ‘Oreal, Vichy, Helena, Lancome and other brands of many products have added cosmetic grade niacinamide.

Cosmetic grade niacinamide can be added to most skin care products with different functions, although the ingredients are safe, there are also a small number of consumers in the use of cosmetic grade niacinamide products after skin care intolerance, most people can adapt to this ingredient if the use of intolerance how to do? Please don’t worry too much, stop using immediately, and wait for the recovery of the skin, we can dilute the cosmetic grade niacinamide products and apply them in a small area, if there is no abnormality, you can use the whole face, gradually restore the normal concentration of the product.

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