What are the main causes of allergies caused by the use of nicotinamide?

When we first start using nicotinamide, we should do a simple skin test. How? We can apply a small number of products behind the ear or inside the wrist to observe the acceptance of the skin, the intolerance caused by nicotinamide, mainly because it contains a small number of impurities – niacin, such as skin redness, tingling, peeling and other allergic phenomena, indicating that the skin intolerance phenomenon, it is recommended to immediately stop using after encountering such allergies, so as not to continue to stimulate the skin, Aggravating skin damage.

Although nicotinamide has a lot of skincare effects, its “role” is still an auxiliary role, therefore, the products containing nicotinamide in other formulations are strictly controlled, and can not be mixed freely so as not to affect the use of the effect. When using skin care products containing nicotinamide, it is recommended to choose the same brand of skin care products as far as possible. It is not recommended to mix with other brands. At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid using skin care products or cosmetics containing acidic substances, so as not to aggravate skin irritation.

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