Why do allergy tests before using cosmetic grade nicotinamide skin care products?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide has so many benefits for skin that everyone can use it? I think this answer is not, the skin itself and the use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide has a great relationship.

In different cosmetic grade nicotinamide products, the amount of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is mostly different. Generally speaking, the cosmetic grade nicotinamide content used in skin care products is 2%~5%. If the content is below 2%, the effect of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is difficult to play out. No, the high content of cosmetic-grade nicotinamide is easy to cause allergies, especially sensitive skin. Therefore, when purchasing cosmetic-grade nicotinamide products, it is necessary to purchase them through formal channels for safer use.

Some skin care products, not only add the cosmetic grade niacinamide, also added a certain amount of moisturizer and penetration promoter, this major can help increase skin of cosmetic grade nicotinamide absorption effect, in fact, these ingredients for sensitive skin is not so friendly, so, before you can use testing allergy is the recommended method, Can help us avoid mass allergies.

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