What’s so amazing about nicotinamide in skin care?

Nicotinamide is quite hot ingredient in skin care products, in some whitening skincare brand products, from control to thousands of yuan of whitening essence, often can see the figure of nicotinamide, for example, the domestic public brand olay, nicotinamide is added in the product, there are other Ponzi, SKII, l ‘oreal, Johnson & Johnson, etc., and some are well-known brands, It is also not difficult to find nicotinamide in some of their products. What kind of magic ingredient is this? Why is nicotinamide added to so many skin care products?

The role of skin care products is not only moisturizing, but also whitening, anti-aging, freckle removal, and other effects, and nicotinamide has the role of whitening and anti-aging, reducing the generation of melanin, improving the skin, meeting the beauty needs of the majority of consumers.

In these skin care products, the ingredients that can play a whitening role are mostly nicotinamide. Now more and more consumers who buy whitening skin care products have begun to pay attention to nicotinamide, and pay attention to the ingredients of nicotinamide in products. Although the product contains nicotinamide with an excellent whitening effect, consumers in the use, sunscreen, and physical differences will also affect the effect of nicotinamide, so it is not so simple to use nicotinamide, but also need to pay attention to some matters.

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