What factors influence the amount of hydroxytyrosol in olive oil?

Hydroxytyrosol is a polyphenolic compound with a variety of biological and pharmacological activities. It exists naturally in the leaves and fruits of olive branches, mainly in the form of lipids, and is characterized by strong antioxidant activity.

Get hydroxytyrosol from olive oil, of all the ingredients in olive oil, it is the one with the most antioxidant power, but its levels can be affected by factors such as the conditions under which the olive was grown, how it was processed and how it was stored. Hydroxytyrosol has many derivatives with high biological activity, such as olivin, hydroxytyrosol acetate, and its acetylated derivatives.

Hydroxytyrosol can inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines, effectively reduce the expression of cyclotide synthase and inducible nitric oxide synthase, prevent cell differentiation and apoptosis, and inhibit oxidative stress in DNA.

Because of its special biological activity, hydroxytyrosol has broad application prospects in medicine, healthcare products, cosmetics, food additives, and other fields.

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