How to control the amount of nicotinamide solution?

Nicotinamide is a very widely used skin care ingredient in skin care products, many people who love beauty have a containing nicotinamide skin care products, nicotinamide liquid is a very popular containing nicotinamide skin care products, and its concentration is generally 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% and other different concentrations, suitable for different types of skin.

Nicotinamide’s original solution has a whitening effect, after the skin has established tolerance, can be directly used on the face, after cleansing, take 3-5 drops on the face, gently massage until absorbed, and then carry out follow-up skin care procedures, you can also take 3-5 drops on the face after cleansing and apply a mask. We can add a few drops of nicotinamide in the emulsion, lotion, cream, and mask, and use the appropriate amount combined with the size and adaptability of the face, which can help us play the role of whitening and moisturizing.

Nicotinamide stock solution is a concentrated single functional component of nicotinamide skin care products, its concentration is relatively high, and it is not recommended to use too much at a time, use too much not only can not be fully absorbed by the skin, causes waste, but also bring additional burden to the skin, therefore, we should pay attention to control the amount of use, generally speaking, when using nicotinamide stock solution, We should mainly consider our skin and the concentration of nicotinamide solution to control the amount of use, each time about 1-2 drops is better.

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