What effect does the amount of nicotinamide have on the use effect?

We are not unfamiliar with the application of nicotinamide in skin care products. It is also a very important ingredient in skin care products. Whether it is oil control or moisturizing and whitening, nicotinamide is very helpful.

Nicotinamide is very powerful. It can promote cutaneous metabolism, quicken melanin cell fall off, as a result of nicotinamide molecular weight is smaller, can be absorbed directly by cutaneous cell, it is produced to proteinaceous or prevents melanin to deposit very helpfully, still can achieve the effect of beautiful white effectively. In addition, regular and moderate use of nicotinamide is very helpful against aging, it can effectively reduce the dark yellow face. Pigment, stain, etc. have a good effect on desalting melasma. For friends with oily skin, the use of nicotinamide is of great help to control oil secretion, balance water, and oil, narrow pores, and has a certain effect on acne removal.

Nicotinamide can solve many skin problems, but when we choose nicotinamide products, we should pay attention to the amount of nicotinamide added, high content of nicotinamide may cause certain irritation to the skin, especially sensitive skin, we can try the product first, to observe whether there is an allergic reaction, etc.

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