What is the anti-aging mechanism of cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide is an important derivative of nicotinic acid, which not only exists in animals and plants, but also can be obtained by synthetic method.

Nicotinamide is mainly used in medicine, cosmetics, the skin can produce a variety of energy efficiency, currently used in the field of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, is a kind of can meet the demand of cosmetics production level of composition, it is understood that cosmetics level nicotinamide can has a delay on the aging of skin, whether very magical, our skin as we age, There will be wrinkles and relaxation. Then, how does cosmetic grade nicotinamide play the role of anti-aging?

Skin appear aging is the cause of the loss of collagen, make skin flabby, wrinkles, and cosmetics level nicotinamide can promote the metabolism of skin, it can have aging skin cell metabolism, make the skin better cellular structure building, stimulate skin quickly generate new cells, helps to smooth away wrinkles, make skin more become full.

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