How strong is the antioxidant activity of hydroxytyrosol?

In the face of all kinds of external pollution, such as industry, radiation, strong ultraviolet radiation, etc., in the case of long-term pollution, will damage free radicals in our body, and further harm our health, leading to skin diseases, blood diseases, cancer and other diseases, then, antioxidant is a very important measure. Not only is hydroxytyrosol easily absorbed and utilized by the body, but its antioxidant value is up to 40,000 μmol TE/g, showing how strong its antioxidant activity is, of course, which is closely related to its structure.

Hydroxytyrosol is naturally found in olive fruits, branches and leaves. The hydroxytyrosol we see on the market usually appears as a pale to brown-yellow powder and has a variety of purity levels. It can be used in medicine, cosmetics and daily chemical products according to your actual needs. It has a strong antioxidant effect by being added to the product.

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