What are the characteristics of antioxidant of caffeic acid?

Caffeic acid is an organic acid with high safety, which can be used not only in the medical field, but also as an antioxidant and PH regulator in cosmetics and skin care products. Caffeic acid can also be used by pregnant women without adverse effects and acne-causing.

Generally speaking, caffeic acid is relatively better used in vitro. It has a wide range of antiviral and antibacterial activities, which can inhibit adenovirus and parainfluenza. Caffeic acid at low concentration can also inhibit collagenase activity, help prevent dental caries, and play a certain anti-wrinkle effect on the skin.

Caffeic acid has strong antioxidant and spectral properties, which can inhibit the formation of lipid peroxides.

Caffeic acid can promote promote silk protein production, therefore, atopic dermatitis and other dry skin disease caused the main reason is probably our skin cortex of silk protein appeared to reduce or missing, unable to have anti-inflammatory effect, causing dry skin diseases, on the other hand, caffeic acid used in moderation can promote silk protein production, give play to the role of anti-inflammatory, Play a role in relieving dry skin diseases.

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