What is the antioxidant strength of hydroxytyrosol?

Strong ultraviolet ray, industrial pollution, radiation pollution, automobile exhaust pollution, harm smoking around us, for our free radicals produced in the body, thus seriously affect our health, when we free radicals are violated will be easy to cause illness, such as a skin disease, cancer, blood diseases, etc., thus it can be seen, The role of antioxidant is a very important means. Today, hydroxytyosol is an antioxidant.

Hydroxytyrosol is a very easy to be absorbed by our body antioxidant, it is known that its antioxidant value can reach 40000μmolTE/g, is a very excellent antioxidant, this substance has strong antioxidant activity, which is closely related to its structure.

We can hydroxyl tyrosol in olive fruit and branches, common butyl alcohol hydroxyl groups on the market at present is white to tan powder, the purity level, the user can choose according to needs appropriate purity hydroxy butyl alcohol to use, our common hydroxyl butyl alcohol used in medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical products and other fields, the effective use of its functions.

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