What is the appearance of caffeic acid?

Caffeic acid is an organic acid found in coffee, edible and non-edible plants. It appears as a light yellow powder. The basic solution of caffeic acid is orange-red, and when caffeic acid encounters ferric chloride solution, it appears dark green. When we obtain caffeic acid, both dilute aqueous solution and concentrated aqueous solution can get caffeic acid, but there are certain differences in appearance, from concentrated aqueous solution can get yellow crystal caffeic acid, and from dilute aqueous solution can get monohydrate.

Caffeic acid to eyes, skin and other parts not only has certain stimulating, and also has certain harm to the environment, as a result, the operation when using caffeic acid, should be in strict accordance with the rules and regulations for operation, the operator should take the corresponding protective measures, operators need to wear chemical safety eyes, wear anti-static overalls and protective gloves, do not smoke in preparation. If caffeic acid concentration is high, use a gas mask.

Caffeic acid application is very wide, demand dozen, operation use caffeic acid, should pay attention to safety.

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