What is the appearance of L-tyrosine?

L-tyrosine, also known as (2S,3R) -2-amino-3-hydroxyphenylpropionic acid, is a naturally occurring aromatic amino acid in a variety of proteins, among which milk is particularly rich in casein content. L-tyrosine is an important nutritional essential amino acid of human and animal, which plays an important role in metabolism, growth and development. L-tyrosine is a white needle-like crystal or crystalline powder in appearance. Although it has no odor, it has a bitter taste. Its molecular formula is C9H11NO3, molecular weight 181.19, CAS number 60-18-4.

We usually apply L – tyrosine in food, medicine, chemical industry, fodder, and other fields, for example, as the amino acid drugs in the field of medicine for the treatment of encephalitis, polio, thyroid function, etc., also can be used as a nutritional supplement and flavoring agent used in food and feed, also can be used as organic synthesis of raw materials used in the chemical industry.

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