What are the obvious application advantages of cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide is a B vitamin derivative found in fish, meat, nuts, mushrooms and other foods. The substance can be used in cosmetics, medicine, daily chemicals and other fields.

Nicotinamide according to different uses, can be divided into a number of grades, such as cosmetic grade nicotinamide, pharmaceutical grade nicotinamide and industrial grade nicotinamide. Of the many nicotinamide, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is integral to most People’s Daily lives and is found in our creams, lotions, lotions, serums and other products. I think most female friends like it, it is not unfamiliar. Why can cosmetic grade nicotinamide be widely used in cosmetics? So, let’s see how it works.

Many people know that cosmetic grade nicotinamide is from the understanding that it has a whitening effect, in fact, its role and anti-aging, fade pigmentation, anti-oxidation, inhibit and reduce melanin deposition, moisturizing skin, we think it is a cost-effective component in the cosmetic industry. As the process matures and improves, the price and quality advantages over equivalent functional ingredients become more obvious.

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