Application of nicotinamide in different skincare products

Nicotinamide is an ingredient with many skin care benefits. It is not only used in stock solutions, serums, and lotions, but is also added to many face cleansers, body washes, and other products. Nicotinamide is an active ingredient. It can be used as a nutritional additive in cosmetics to whiten skin, moisturize and lock water, control oil and eliminate acne, and fight age. We use nicotinamide skin care products and cosmetics to help improve the skin.

Nicotinamide essence is generally added with nicotinamide and other functional components of the essence, nicotinamide essence whitening effect is quite good, therefore, it is often called nicotinamide whitening essence.

Nicotinamide toner is a kind of skin toner containing nicotinamide, which has the effect of deep hydrating, whitening, and whitening spots. In addition to being used as a toner, it can also be used as a wet compress for better results.

Nicotinamide emulsion is added nicotinamide composition of the emulsion, its whitening effect is also very good. The method of using nicotinamide emulsion is very simple, first, clean the face, and then pour the right amount of toner in the palm of the hand, and then pat the face, and take the right amount of nicotinamide emulsion in the face smear evenly.

Nicotinamide stock solution is a kind of nicotinamide skin care product with a minimal formula. It only adds a single high-concentration nicotinamide component. Nicotinamide stock solution generally has different concentrations of 2%, 3%, 5%, 10%, etc., suitable for different skin types.

Nicotinamide creams contain highly active nicotinamide, which naturally modifies, brightens, and rejuvenates the skin. Combined with the other ingredients in the cream, they often hydrate, whiten and soften fine lines. In addition, there are nicotinamide face wash, nicotinamide body wash, nicotinamide body lotion, and other personal care products.

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