What should be paid attention to when using cosmetic grade nicotinamide during the day?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide has long been the star ingredient in the skin care industry, favored by major brands, from ten to thousands of dollars in skin care products, you are likely to find cosmetic grade nicotinamide.

Cosmetics level nicotinamide in the field of skin care products can play the whitening effect, can reduce the melanin have been generated, and inhibit melanin production, accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, keep skin moisture, promote the microcirculation of the dermis, relieve skin problems such as wrinkles, pore bulky, peeling, can repair the skin.

A lot of people ask cosmetics level nicotinamide suitable for use during the day or night, in fact, can use day and night, but the daytime use cosmetics level niacinamide, suggested to prevent bask in, and in the evening is the use of cosmetics level niacinamide for a good time to repair skin, so don’t tangle grade cosmetics nicotinamide use during the day or night.

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