What are the benefits of 25-hydroxy calcifediol to cultured chickens?

25-Hydroxy Calcifediol is our form of vitamin D3 and the main form of vitamin D present in our bodies. The addition of a hydroxyl group to the 25 carbon atoms of vitamin D3 is the sequence of biochemical reactions that occur in our bodies.

25-Hydroxy Calcifediol plays an important role in maintaining our health, growth and development, and physiological functions. Vitamin D is converted to the 25-hydroxy calcifediol in our bodies by the hydroxylation of vitamin D in our liver, The 25-hydroxy Calcifediol is converted to 1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D, an active substance, as it enters the kidneys.

25-Hydroxy Calcifediol, as a bioactive substance, is widely used in medicine and health care products. The 25-hydroxy Calcifediol is more easily circulated in the blood and absorbed than vitamin D3, so it helps us maintain our need for vitamin D and improves bone health and, in addition, when used in the process of raising chickens, It can also improve the survival rate of chicks and reduce the morbidity of chickens.

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