What are the benefits of 25-Hydroxy calcifediol for livestock and poultry?

The 25-hydroxy calcifediol can be converted from vitamin D3 and has a higher biological potency, approximately three to five times that of vitamin D3. The 25-hydroxy calcifediol is not metabolized by the liver and is biologically active.

We are not only able to use 25-Hydroxy calcifediol in the areas of medicine, health products, feed and so on. Today we talk about the 25-hydroxy calcifediol application to feed. What are the benefits of using the 25-Hydroxy calcifediol application to feed?

25-Hydroxy calcifediol added to feeds improves feed conversion efficiency, promotes bone growth of livestock and poultry, reduces chick mortality and eggshell breakage, improves eggshell quality and meat quality, reduces disease rates, and improves breeding performance of pigs.

For livestock and poultry, the 25-Hydroxy calcifediol improves overall quality and reduces deficiencies, and is therefore widely used in the feeding of livestock and poultry.

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