What are the benefits of hydroxytyrosol to obese patients?

Hydroxytyrosol, as an effective active ingredient in olive, belongs to phenolic compounds. It has the role of high activity antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, vasodilator and other effects. Because of its strong antioxidant activity and reduction of the incidence of some diseases, hydroxytyrosol plays an important role in the medical field.

In the medical field, hydroxytyrosol can promote fat metabolism, effectively reduce the weight gain of obese patients, and also reduce the content of triglyceride, ghrelin and free fatty acid in blood. Hydroxytyrosol can also inhibit the occurrence of fatty liver, inhibit the accumulation of triglyceride and cholesterol in the liver, and protect liver function.

Hydroxytyrosol has been widely used in medical treatment, not only in the above mentioned areas, but also in skin care, prevention and treatment of cancer and obesity, so it can be seen that the application prospect of hydroxytyrosol is great.

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