What happens when the body lacks nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide is a member of the B vitamin family. This substance is also present in our body, but if the body lacks nicotinamide, the skin is prone to black, yellow, and rough conditions. For our skin, nicotinamide can not only inhibit the formation of melanin, but also reduce the black five that has been produced, thereby improving skin quality, whitening skin from the inside out. Secondly, it can prevent skin wrinkling, and acne.

Nicotinamide contains an impurity called “nicotinic acid”, which is the main cause of redness and other allergies in most people when we use high levels of nicotinamide, which is known as nicotinamide intolerance. Second, our bodies don’t grow new hair follicles themselves, but nicotinamide has the effect of promoting cellular metabolism and stimulating the metabolic rate of the human epidermis, which may stimulate the growth rate of the user’s hair.

Niacinamide in the skin care industry’s main role is to block the transport of melanin. According to research, 5% niacinamide can improve the condition of facial aging, 5% is also recognized as gold concentration, if the concentration is too high, will produce stimulating reaction. In terms of purity, nicotinamide with good purity and high stability is recommended. The lower the purity of nicotinamide, the more nicotinic acid it contains, the more irritating it is to our skin.

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