What Caffeic Acid Is:

Caffeic acid is a natural phenolic compound initially found in plants such as some grains, vegetables, and fruits. Caffeic acid has antioxidant and anti-bacteria properties, and it is often used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, demagogical settings.

The Benefits of Caffeic Acid:

Caffeic acid is multifunctional as it has anti-inflammatory uses and is a powerful antioxidant. Caffeic acid is an inhibitor of melanin production by interfering the signal between micropthalmia-associated transcription factor. This allows for Caffeic Acid to have skin brightening functions. An area where Caffeic acid truly shines is its antioxidant capabilities. Caffeic acid has shown some anti-tumor properties. This means Caffeic acid has functions that can help to fight/prevent cancer. Other capabilities attributed to Caffeic acid are its abilities to prevent Parkinson’s disease and diabetes.

Why You Should Choose Viablife Caffeic Acid:

One negative about Caffeic acid is that often in lower purities, it is a dark yellow color. This makes producing skin care products with Caffeic acid more difficult as it discolors the product. This is not the case with Viablife Caffeic acid. Viablife produces its raw ingredients with an industry leading biosynthesis and fermentation technology. This allows for >99% purity Caffeic acid, which is a much lighter yellow. This light-yellow color provides for great application in the world of cosmetics. If you are interested in Caffeic Acid, or the multitude of other products we offer email us at info@viablife.com or visit https://en.viablife.com/ to learn more!

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