What parts of the human body can caffeic acid be distributed?

Honeysuckle, thistle, Herba Artemisiae and other plants contain a phenolic acid compound called caffeic acid. It is widely used in the medical field and is an important pharmaceutical raw material. Caffeic acid plays a very excellent role in anti-cancer, cardiovascular protection, immune regulation, anti-inflammatory and anti-virus.

In the clinical application of caffeic acid, it is mainly used for hemostasis, and can also play a positive role in thrombocytopenia, leucocytopenia, primary thrombocytopenia and aplastic leucocytopenia caused by tumor chemotherapy. Taking caffeic acid can be quickly absorbed by the human body. Generally, the peak effect will be obtained after taking it for 30 minutes. More than half of caffeic acid can be absorbed by us. Its main absorption site is in the small intestine, and it is densely distributed in blood, kidney and other organs. A small amount of caffeic acid will also be penetrated into the blood-brain barrier and fetal disc barrier.

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