Why can caffeic acid be used in medicine?

Caffeic acid is an organic acid naturally found in trees, red mountain, coax, mint, valerian, eucommia ulmoides, succulents, lemon peel, crane grass, dandelion, and other plants, especially hawthorn, finished coffee, and lemon, contains more caffeic acid. The appearance of caffeic acid seen on the market is a light yellow powder, easy to dissolve in hot water and cold ethanol, but does not dissolve in cold water, its molecular structure contains unsaturated double bonds, easy to be oxidized, poor stability in alkaline solution, caffeic acid aqueous solution in the presence of ferric chloride presented green.

Because caffeic acid can not only remove free radicals, and reduce the chelating ability of iron ions, but also inhibit the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein, partly inhibit UV damage to the skin, and in clinical treatment, caffeic acid is also a commonly used drug, it can stimulate white blood cell production, improve platelet levels, shorten coagulation and bleeding time, therefore, Caffeic acid can be widely used in skincare and medicine.

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