What effect does caffeic acid have on cancer patients?

In medicine, we found a drug named caffeic acid tablet, which is a kind of medicine mainly composed of caffeic acid. It has a variety of effects in the medical field, such as its ability to shrink and consolidate microvessels, increase white blood cells, increase platelets and improve the function of coagulation factors.

Caffeic acid in patients with chemotherapy, the effect is very important, at the end of chemotherapy, the use of caffeic acid chemotherapy after 1 ~ 2 weeks, bone marrow inhibition degree will be significantly lower, especially I and II, II degree and Ⅱ I degrees has more obvious differences in incidence of bone marrow suppression, this also will be able to explain, in the process of chemotherapy, Caffeic acid can effectively prevent and alleviate bone marrow suppression, play a role in restoring the normal level of white blood cells, and ensure the safety and systematization of patients during chemotherapy.

Therefore, caffeic acid can indeed play a large role in the treatment of cancer patients, and caffeic acid is relatively cheap and convenient to use, and the most important thing is to improve the effect of chemotherapy.

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