What is the application effect of caffeic acid in medical field?

Caffeic acid is an organic acid that can dissolve in hot water and cold ethanol. Caffeic acid obtained from different ways will be different. For example, caffeic acid obtained from concentrated aqueous solution has yellow crystal appearance, while caffeic acid obtained from dilute aqueous solution is a monohydrate. Caffeic acid has a relatively simple structure, but its biological activity is relatively rich, often used in medical treatment, cosmetics and other fields.

In the medical field, caffeic acid can be used as a drug to stop bleeding, raise white blood cells and platelets, improve coagulation function, and shrink and coagulate microvessels. It is commonly used in surgery.

In the field of cosmetics, caffeic acid can play the role of uv absorption, antiviral, antibacterial, improve the safety of cosmetics.

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