what form does caffeic acid mainly occur in nature?

Caffeic acid is an organic acid with molecular formula C9H8O4 and molecular weight 180.15, CAS No. 331-39-5, EINECS No. 206-361-2. Its appearance is yellow crystal, soluble in hot water, cold ethanol, ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in cold water, caffeic acid will turn dark green in ferric chloride solution, and its basic solution is orange. Caffeic acid generally exists in nature in the form of chlorogenic acid, containing caffeic acid substances have coffee and honeysuckle, silver, artichoke and other Chinese medicinal materials.

Caffeic acid can be widely used in cosmetics, medicine, organic synthesis, biochemical research and other fields.

Caffeic acid is a phenolic acid compound with antiviral activity and antibacterial properties, which can be used in cosmetics. It can not only play a whitening effect, but also can be used as an additive for oxidizing hair fuels to increase color.

In the field of medicine, caffeic acid is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of medical and surgical bleeding, especially in the treatment of gynecological hemorrhagic diseases. In addition, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other tumor diseases caused by leukocyte thrombocytopenia, primary thrombocytopenia, aplastic leukopenia and other symptoms also have a certain therapeutic effect. What else do you know about caffeic acid?

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