What is the use of caffeic acid provided by caffeic acid manufacturers?

In the field of medicine, there is a drug called caffeic acid tablets, the main component of this drug is caffeic acid. Caffeic acid tablets are light yellow tablets with a slightly sour taste. The main use of caffeic acid tablets is to prevent bleeding and stop bleeding during surgery. It should be reminded that it is not recommended to use caffeic acid in pregnant women and people with hypercoagulable blood systems.

Caffeic acid itself has a variety of medical uses, it has a good effect on improving the function of coagulation factors, increasing white blood cells, contraction, and strengthening microvessels. For patients receiving chemotherapy, the use of caffeic acid can significantly reduce the occurrence of myelosuppression, because caffeic acid can effectively prevent and relieve myelosuppression during chemotherapy, promote the recovery of white blood cells to normal levels, and provide a safe and systematic guarantee for the treatment of patients.

Seen from the current pharmaceutical market, the price of caffeic acid is not high, but it can improve the chemotherapy effect of patients during chemotherapy, so it is a very suitable drug for adjuvant therapy.

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