What should we pay attention to when choosing cosmetic grade nicotinamide products?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a kind of nicotinamide produced for skin care products and cosmetics. When we choose and buy products containing cosmetic grade nicotinamide, safety, functional requirements, price and other factors should be considered comprehensively. The use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is generally based on 2%, not higher than 5%, the higher the concentration, the greater the irritation, will also affect the skin on the acceptance of cosmetic grade nicotinamide. It is recommended to start with a 2% concentration. What if you buy a product with a cosmetic-grade nicotinamide concentration higher than 2%? Don’t worry, we can mix it with nicotinamide free lotion, water and other skin care products to reduce the concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide. In general, higher than 5% of cosmetic-grade nicotinamide increases our chances of developing allergies and intolerances to our skin.

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