What effect does the concentration have on our use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide can be divided into chemical grade nicotinamide, pharmaceutical grade nicotinamide, food grade nicotinamide and feed grade nicotinamide according to different uses. At present, the demand for nicotinamide at home and abroad remains high. The process for producing chemical grade nicotinamide is gradually mature, the product quality is becoming better and better, and there are countless manufacturers at home and abroad, The selection of appropriate cosmetic grade nicotinamide mainly depends on the manufacturer, product quality, product price, sales service, etc.

For consumers, when choosing skin care products or cosmetics containing cosmetic grade nicotinamide, from the aspects of safety, functional demand and price, generally speaking, the concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide in cosmetics is based on 2%, which is not higher than 5%. The higher the concentration, the greater the irritation, which will also affect the skin’s acceptance of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, It is recommended to start with 2% concentration. What should you do if the concentration of chemical grade nicotinamide in the product you buy is higher than 2%? Don’t worry. We can mix with skin care products such as milk and water without nicotinamide to reduce the concentration of Cosmetic grade nicotinamide. Generally speaking, Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is higher than 5%. Our skin is prone to intolerance.

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