Why does the concentration of 4-vinylphenol have an odor change?

4-vinylphenol is a kind of widely exists in the strawberry, apple, tomato, corn, peanut, soybean, black tea, coffee, eggs, fruit, rice, mushrooms, etc in the food ingredients, it is also by lactic acid bacteria in wine on coumaric acid, ferulic acid metabolites, belong to the compound, appearance for white solid, with ingredients, meat flavor, mildew, and another special flavor. Because 4-vinylphenol has a vinyl double bond in structure, it is often used in the synthesis of poly4-vinyl phenol polymers and resins. 4-vinylphenol, which has a sweet smell when diluted, is also used in the formulation of seafood and meat flavor essence.

We often use 4-vinylphenol as a food additive in the field of food and beverage, it will also be used as a pharmaceutical raw material in the pharmaceutical industry. To obtain 4-vinylphenol, it can be carried out in an environment with little or no oxygen. Biomass materials containing lignin and cellulose are used as raw materials for pyrolysis reaction at 200℃~500℃, and then the pyrolysis gas is collected. After the pyrolysis gas is condensed, the 4-vinylphenol we want can be obtained.

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