What concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is better for use?

For many years, cosmetic grade nicotinamide is the star ingredient in the skin care industry, from the mass brand to the high-end brand of many skin care products can be seen in cosmetic grade nicotinamide, these products include body lotion, essence, cream, cleanser, toner, etc.

The application of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is very extensive, and the current population base is also very large. Most of us know that cosmetic grade nicotinamide has outstanding whitening effect, and is added to many whitening products. In fact, the effect of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is not limited to whitening, but also moisturizing, anti-aging, oil control, and color spots.

Because the skin absorption of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is limited, then, in order to achieve a more ideal use effect, the more cosmetic grade nicotinamide the better? Will of course not, cosmetic grade nicotinamide tiny part people may cause allergies, especially allergic skin, current cosmetics level used in the cosmetics industry concentration of nicotinamide mainly in 2% ~ 5%, and good control level of the application of nicotinamide concentration cosmetics, avoid allergies, cosmetic grade niacinamide also after repeated test concentration range, the use of concentration is relatively reasonable, Can achieve the desired effect.

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