What is the concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide used?

Nicotinamide is a member of vitamin B group, which can be used in clinical treatment of stomatitis, glossitis and dermatitis. In the field of beauty, nicotinamide is recognized as a whitening expert.

In cosmetics, skin care products used for cosmetic grade nicotinamide, the concentration is generally in 2%~5%, the concentration is too high to stimulate beer machine, and the concentration is too low and can not achieve the corresponding effect, therefore, the study found that the concentration of 2%~5% cosmetic grade nicotinamide application effect is better. The safety of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is beyond doubt, but due to the presence of impurities in cosmetic grade nicotinamide – nicotinic acid, it is the presence of nicotinic acid, may cause some people using cosmetic grade nicotinamide allergy symptoms, such as itching, skin, redness and so on. Choose cosmetics or skin care products, generally can be used first sample or trial package for skin test, to avoid skin allergy phenomenon.

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