What concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is more suitable for skin?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is a very rich ingredients, this is because it has many physiological functions, such as whitening and moisturizing, containment, anti-aging and so on, to improve all kinds of skin can have the effect of comprehensive, after many years, test run, the role of cosmetic grade nicotinamide it in delaying aging skin, inhibit melanin precipitation effect, therefore, for many years, Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is also considered a miracle cosmetic ingredient.

How does cosmetic grade nicotinamide whiten the skin? Cosmetic grade nicotinamide can block the transfer process of melanin to the surface cells, and speed up the cutin containing melanin to fall off and desalinate the yellow protein glycosylation, so as to achieve whitening effect. The concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide will also have an impact on the use effect. Generally speaking, the concentration is less than 2%, the use effect of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is not ideal, and the main use range is 2%~5%.

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