Is the concentration of nicotamide proportional to use?

Nicotinamide has been applied in many familiar skin care products, such as OLAY, Shiseido, and SK-ii brand in many products with the help of nicotinamide, although nicotinamide has been widely used, some worry that because the use of nicotinamide appears an allergic phenomenon, in fact about this problem, I think we don’t worry too much about, Any protect skin to taste allergy may be, may the skin itself is more sensitive, or allergic to products one of the ingredients, in general, skin care products manufacturers will still be in the process of studying formula, considering the allergic condition, allergy rate control within a certain range, after all, is a business need to take into account the efficiency problem, A large number of positive feedback from users will have a broader prospect for the production enterprise.

Although nicotinamide is a kind of has a variety of ingredients, when choosing products, not the higher the concentration of nicotinamide get the effect is good, it’s because our skin to absorb nicotinamide is limited, not with more you can absorb more, on the contrary, may also cause skin burden, allergy rate will ascend, therefore, The amount of nicotinamide added needs to be controlled in a certain range to play its better role.

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