Why isn’t the concentration of nicotinamide better?

Nicotinamide is the main functional component in skin care products. When the concentration of nicotinamide reaches 2%~5%, it can effectively dilute melasma and pigmentation caused by ultraviolet light, and play the role of whitening and fading spots. Nicotinamide, as a precursor of NADH and NADPH, can increase the content of NADPH and give full play to its anti-saccharification effect, reduce the dullness and yellowing of aging skin and improve skin texture. Nicotinamide also acts as a skin barrier repair, reducing skin water loss and maintaining moisturized skin by increasing the amount of free fatty acids and ceramides in the skin to enhance moisture.

See here, do you think that the higher the concentration of nicotinamide, the stronger the skin care effect, and the better the whitening effect? But this is not the case, nicotinamide itself has irritation, and the higher the concentration of irritation is greater, if the pursuit of high concentration not only will not have a better skin care effect but also will cause skin redness, peeling, allergy, and other intolerance, it is more than worth the loss.

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