How much concentration of nicotinamide can be used for long – term skin care?

Nicotinamide is a multifunctional active ingredient, that whitens skin, moisturizes water, oil control acne, is anti-aging, and has other effects. Using cosmetics containing nicotinamide is better for skin care. Nicotinamide is a very widely used skincare ingredient, not only in many skin care products but also in some cosmetics.

The main disadvantage of using cosmetics containing nicotinamide is the problem of skin tolerance. If an individual’s skin is sensitive or intolerant to nicotinamide, it is easy to appear skin redness, peeling, and other allergies. Nicotinamide has no photosensitivity, will not react with the sun, and nicotinamide has a strong antioxidant effect, and will not be oxidized by ultraviolet light, therefore, during the day can also use cosmetics containing nicotinamide, but it is recommended to do a good job of sun protection.

It is understood that the use of a 3% concentration of nicotinamide in cosmetics, no obvious stimulation of the skin, sensitization and photosensitive effect, nicotinamide itself belongs to the safe ingredients, generally considered to be long-term use, but still needs to be combined with the actual use.

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