How much concentration of nicotinamide to skin care is more appropriate?

The purity of nicotinamide raw materials also has a great impact on the irritation of the product, this is because nicotinamide raw materials contain impurities, mainly miscellaneous for “niacin”, which is a significant irritant of the ingredients, some people in the use of nicotinamide products after intolerance phenomenon, this is likely to be due to skin in nicotinamide raw materials in the impurities niacin appeared allergic reaction.

When the raw material of niacinamide added to skin care products is not pure, there are more impurities in the products, and the content of niacin is high, easy to cause allergic reactions in users. Therefore, when we choose nicotinamide products, it is recommended to choose products with high purity, mild formula, and a guaranteed production process. To use, first establish skin tolerance, and then gradually increase the concentration until the product can be used normally.

The effect of nicotinamide with different concentrations is different. When the concentration of nicotinamide is greater than 3%, the whitening effect of the product is more significant. However, when the concentration of niacinamide is higher than 5%, it will have an irritating effect on the skin. Therefore, to balance the whitening effect of products and mild skin affinity, it is recommended to choose the concentration of niacinamide whitening products at about 3%.

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