Is the higher the concentration of nicotinamide, the better the skincare effect?

Nicotinamide has a very powerful effect, can play a white skin, anti-aging, oil control, moisturize, narrowing pores, and acne, improve the natural barrier of the skin, moisturize and hydrating, since there are so many benefits to the skin, higher the concentration of nicotinamide, the better? Of course not, you need to choose nicotinamide-concentration-appropriate skin care products according to your actual situation, nicotinamide has an impurity called nicotinic acid, which will produce irritation to the skin, and may lead to skin redness, peeling dry itching, and other allergic reactions.

When the concentration of nicotinamide was lower than 2%, the digestibility would increase linearly, but when the concentration was higher than 2%, the digestibility would not increase linearly. Although the concentration of nicotinamide is high and the actual effect is higher, the irritation can also be greatly increased, and many skins can’t stand it.

When we choose nicotinamide skin care products daily, there is no doubt that we will use a low concentration at the beginning, and then gradually choose a high concentration of nicotinamide products after the skin’s tolerance to nicotinamide is established. Another tip to alleviate nicotinamide irritation is to apply a light base cream before applying a high concentration of nicotinamide and then apply a nicotinamide product. This will nourish the skin first, adjust the skin to a more desirable condition, reduce the rate of nicotinamide penetration into the skin, reduce irritation, and go beyond the purpose of whitening the skin.

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