How to control the amount of niacinamide in skincare products?

In recent years, cosmetic grade nicotinamide has been regarded as a cost-effective and popular ingredient in the skincare industry. It can be used in the production of body milk, essence, cream, facial mask, cleanser, toners, and other products. Due to the relatively mature technology for the production of cosmetic grade niacinamide and low production cost, it will not only appear in various low-end skin care products. It also appears in many high-end skin care products.

Cosmetic grade niacinamide has a variety of functions that can help most of the various common skin care problems, therefore, is popular with consumers. Most of us know that cosmetic grade niacinamide has a significant whitening effect, and many whitening products have added it, in fact, cosmetic grade niacinamide’s role is not limited to whitening, but also moisturizing, anti-aging, oil control, repair, and other effects.

In skin care products, the amount of cosmetic grade niacinamide is 2%~5%, although the effect is a lot, the amount is not the more the better, this is because the amount of cosmetic grade niacinamide absorbed by the skin is limited, control the amount of cosmetic grade niacinamide, avoid adding too much to cause skin sensitivity, even allergic symptoms, The amount of cosmetic grade niacinamide is too little to achieve good use effect, therefore, after repeated verification of the amount of cosmetic grade niacinamide 2%~5%, can not only avoid allergy but also can achieve the ideal effect.

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