Need to worry about the use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide allergy phenomenon?

Cosmetic grade nicotinamide is used by many well-known cosmetic products such as OLAY, Shiseido and SK-II. However, some people are concerned that cosmetic grade nicotinamide may cause an allergy. In fact, I don’t think people should be too worried about this problem. Any skin care product may be allergic to cosmetic products or the skin may be sensitive to an ingredient in the product. Skin care product manufacturers will still take the allergy situation into account when studying the formula and control the allergy rate within a certain range. After all, it is a business and benefits need to be taken into account. Only when a large number of positive feedback from users can the manufacturer have a broader prospect.

Although cosmetic grade nicotinamide is an ingredient with various functions, it is not considered that the higher the concentration of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is, the effect will be better because the absorption of cosmetic grade Nicotinamide by our skin is limited. If you take too much cosmetic grade nicotinamide, it may cause skin irritation and increase the risk of allergies. Therefore, cosmetic grade Nicotinamide needs to be used within a certain range to be effective.

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