Is cosmetic grade nicotinamide allergy common?

In the us a lot of familiar brand cosmetics, such as its sk-ii, shiseido, OLAY, etc., can be found that the wide use of cosmetic grade nicotinamide, but someone afraid to allergic to cosmetics level nicotinamide produced phenomenon, in fact, we don’t use worry too much about this problem, any cosmetics may cause allergy, this and individual differences, there is a close relationship, Usually, in the process of studying formula cosmetics, will be allergic to products of rate control in a certain range, merchants, after all, don’t want to do a consumer service consumers, and the hope is that consumers can feel that their products can satisfy the demand and there will be no adverse reaction, so that consumers repurchase or recommend to friends, also can expand the market, establish a brand.

We when choosing cosmetics containing grade cosmetics niacinamide, not concentration is higher, the better the results, it is a myth, our skin to absorb grade cosmetics nicotinamide ability is limited, how many, not how much you will be able to absorb too much cosmetics level nicotinamide can make the skin produces burden instead, also will increase the risk of allergies, for most brands, The addition of cosmetic grade nicotinamide is generally controlled at about 2%, and the use effect is also very good. So, are you still worried about using cosmetics containing cosmetic-grade nicotinamide?

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